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Triple 'R'

Triple R is our support group, symbolizing Rehabilitation, Reconciliation, and Redemption. We offer interventions for reshaping oneself, reconnection to one's inner self, and a chance to redeem oneself in recovery. These core values guide our efforts to support individuals in their journey towards healing and self-improvement.

Our support group goes by the name 'Triple R,' which symbolises our core values of Rehabilitation, Reconciliation, and Redemption.

  • Rehabilitation involves providing interventions to help individuals relearn, refine, reshape, and restructure themselves.


  • Reconciliation, on the other hand, aims to restore or reconnect individuals to their inner selves by gaining a better understanding of their beliefs, instincts, values, and knowledge.

  • Redemption provides a sense of acknowledgement, deeper closure, and a chance to redeem one's true self in recovery as a lifestyle, ultimately helping individuals get back on track.


Triple 'R' is a support group specially designed for those in recovery, be it individuals who have recently completed their inpatient programs or those currently undergoing the recovery process. Our meetings are held every Friday evening on a weekly basis to provide a consistent platform for support and encouragement.


Our objective is to assist each member in attaining their maximum level of recovery, by fostering the transformation of recovery into an innate aspect of their daily routine and way of life. We achieve this by establishing consistency and realistic goal-setting as the primary means of navigating the principles of Recovery into our daily lives. Moreover, we aim to cultivate a refined appreciation for the pursuit of knowledge and comprehension and to operationalise the concept that even in solitude, one is never truly isolated. Finally, we work collaboratively to foster a resilient and robust mindset that prioritises physical and mental well-being

triple 'r' criteria:

The Triple 'R' program has specific criteria for enrolment, which are as follows:


  1. Demonstrated Sobriety: Candidates must have shown a consistent pattern of sobriety before joining the group.

  2. Previous Recovery Experience: Participants must have prior experience in a recovery program.

  3. New to Recovery: Individuals who are new to recovery must have at least three months of sobriety and a strong desire to continue their growth in their recovery journey.

  4. Mental and Physical Stability: Candidates must be in a state of mental and physical stability to ensure their ability to fully engage in the program.

These criteria are carefully designed to ensure that the Triple 'R' program is an effective and safe

environment for all participants. We value the well-being and progress of each member and strive

to create a supportive community that fosters growth and sobriety.

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