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Family Education & Workshop

We recognise the significant mental health issues on both individuals and their loved ones. Despite the harm caused, those struggling with mental health issues may deny the issue while family members avoid confronting it, risking their own well-being. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to restoring healthy family functioning through personalised services that cater to each family's unique needs, helping them overcome challenges and thrive together

At Sage Centre, we understand that unhealthy coping mechanism can have a profound impact on not just the individual suffering, but on their loved ones as well. Despite the obvious harm, those in the grips of it often continue using, insisting that they are only hurting

themselves. Family members may avoid confronting the issue, fearing they will push their loved one further away. This can lead to compromise their own well-being. Active issues can devastate family functionality and cause everyone to adapt to their circumstances. Our dedicated professionals are committed to restoring healthy functioning to the family unit. We provide specialised services that cater to the unique needs of each family, helping them to overcome challenges, heal and thrive together.


The program encompasses a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted topic of issue, including an in-depth examination of issues itself, the concept of recovery, strategies for effectively aiding individuals afflicted with issues, as well as identification of the critical warning signs indicative of the presence of issues.


Our workshop for families takes place monthly as a dedicated component of our intensive outpatient program. This offering extends inclusivity to our client's loved ones, providing a supportive space for all involved in the treatment journey.

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