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Q: What services does Sage Centre offer?

A: Sage Centre offers a range of services including intensive outpatient treatment, bespoke intensive outpatient treatment, individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, diagnostic assessments, employee assistance program for corporate partners, triple R, and family workshops.

Q: What is bespoke intensive outpatient treatment?

A: Bespoke intensive outpatient treatment at Sage Centre refers to a personalized and tailored treatment approach without requiring a full-time rehabilitation. It involves developing a treatment plan that specifically caters to the unique needs, preferences, and goals of the individual. This approach ensures that the therapy provided aligns closely with the individual's circumstances and maximizes the chances of successful outcomes.


Q: What are diagnostic assessments?

A: Diagnostic assessments at Sage Centre involve comprehensive evaluations conducted by experienced professionals to diagnose mental health conditions, behavioral disorders, or chemical dependency disorders. These assessments help in understanding the individual's challenges, determining an appropriate treatment plan, and guiding the therapeutic interventions.


Q: What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for corporate partners?


 A: The Employee Assistance Program at Sage Centre is designed to support corporate partners in promoting the well-being of their employees. It offers workshops, therapy, and support services to assist employees facing personal or work-related challenges. The EAP aims to enhance employee mental health, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Q: What are the Family Workshops at Sage Centre?

A: The Family Workshops at Sage Centre are interactive and educational sessions that involve the participation of family members. These workshops provide support, psychoeducation, and skill-building opportunities for families facing challenges such as addic**on, mental health issues, or relationship difficulties. They aim to strengthen family bonds and equip participants with tools for better communication and problem-solving.

Q: Are the therapy sessions at Sage Centre conducted in person or online?

A: Sage Centre offers both in-person and online therapy sessions to accommodate individual preferences and circumstances. In-person sessions provide face-to-face interaction with the therapist, while online sessions offer the convenience of virtual therapy through secure video conferencing platforms. The choice of session format can be discussed and determined based on individual needs and therapeutic goals.

Q: How confidential are the therapy sessions at Sage Centre?

A: Confidentiality is a priority at Sage Centre. Therapy sessions are conducted in a private and confidential setting, and therapists adhere to professional ethical guidelines and legal requirements regarding client confidentiality. Information shared during sessions is protected within the bounds of the law, ensuring client privacy and trust.

Q: Can I schedule an appointment for therapy without a formal diagnosis?

A: Yes, you can schedule an appointment for therapy at Sage Centre without a formal diagnosis. The therapists at Sage Centre are skilled in conducting diagnostic assessments, and part of their role is to work with clients to understand their concerns and identify any underlying issues. Whether you have a diagnosis or not, the therapists will collaborate with you to develop an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.

Q: Does Sage Centre offer support for families of individuals undergoing treatment?

A: Yes, Sage Centre recognizes the importance of family support and involvement in the treatment process. In addition to family therapy sessions, Sage Centre provides support services and resources for families to better understand their loved one's challenges, develop coping strategies, and foster healthy relationships. The Family Workshops offered by Sage Centre are specifically designed to address the needs of families and provide them with valuable tools and knowledge.


Q: Can I participate in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if I am a self-employed business owner?

A: While the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) primarily focuses on supporting employees of corporate partners, Sage Centre may offer alternative options for self-employed business owners seeking assistance. It is recommended to contact Sage Centre's administrative staff to discuss the available options and tailor a program that meets your specific needs and circumstances.

Q: How do I determine if intensive outpatient treatment is the right level of care for me or my loved one?

A: Deciding on the appropriate level of care can be determined through an initial assessment with a professional at Sage Centre. They will evaluate your or your loved one's symptoms, needs, and treatment goals to determine whether intensive outpatient treatment is the most suitable option. This assessment takes into account factors such as the severity of symptoms, functional impairment, and previous treatment experiences.

Q: Can I receive individual therapy and participate in the intensive outpatient treatment program simultaneously at Sage Centre?

A: It is not necessary to attend individual therapy alongside the intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) program at Sage Centre, as the IOP program already includes structured therapy sessions. As part of the program structure, all IOP clients are guaranteed a minimum of three therapy sessions per week with our experienced clinical psychologists. These sessions are specifically tailored to meet the therapeutic needs of individuals and provide comprehensive support towards their treatment goals. Therefore, there is no need for additional individual therapy sessions outside of the IOP program. Our focus at Sage Centre is to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of care and support within the framework of the IOP program.

Q: Are there any aftercare or follow-up services available after completing the intensive outpatient treatment program?

A: Yes, Sage Centre recognizes the importance of continued support after completing the intensive outpatient treatment program. They offer aftercare and follow-up services to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support.


Q: How can I refer a loved one or an employee to Sage Centre's services?

A: Referring a loved one or an employee to Sage Centre's services is a straightforward process. You can reach out to Sage Centre directly through their contact information, either by phone or email, and provide the necessary details. Sage Centre's administrative staff will guide you through the referral process and assist in scheduling an assessment or initial appointment.

Q: Can I attend therapy sessions at Sage Centre if I do not have a specific mental health diagnosis?

A: Yes, therapy at Sage Centre is not limited to individuals with specific mental health diagnoses. They provide therapy services to individuals facing various challenges, including but not limited to diagnosed mental health conditions. Whether you are experiencing stress, relationship difficulties, life transitions, or simply seeking personal growth, Sage Centre can offer support and guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

Q: How soon can I expect to start therapy at Sage Centre once I contact them?

A: The wait time to start therapy at Sage Centre may vary depending on various factors such as therapist availability, the urgency of your situation, and your scheduling preferences. Sage Centre strives to provide timely access to care and will work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. During the initial contact, they can provide more information about the estimated wait time and discuss any immediate support options that may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage Centre: Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Therapy Services

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